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Build it Right

PHP Systems/Design exists out of the growing need for a dependable, cost effective means to roof pipe support and equipment support systems without the concern of high winds and the need to penetrate the roof system. Our systems are professional, high integrity, code-compliant solutions to setting piping and equipment on rooftops and other surfaces.

PHP (Portable Pipe Hangers) is America's leading source for roof pipe and equipment support systems. PHP designs, manufactures and delivers innovative and sustainable rooftop solutions for architects, engineers and building managers who understand what it means to "Build It Right." We pioneered the original Zero Penetrations support system – allowing our customers limitless support options without jeopardizing their existing roof warranties. Our design team is committed to delivering professional, high-integrity, code-compliant designs and engineering that solve every type of rooftop challenge imaginable. In fact, we offer our design service at no charge – no matter the size of the customer, or the job.

Never before has there been a quality system that could offer a multitude of options without voiding your existing roof warranties. We provide an advantage with a team of professionals that are dedicated to product quality, customer satisfaction and getting the job done right. Our philosophy is simple, satisfying customer needs and guaranteeing customer satisfaction are our first priorities.

We offer quality assurance backed by our warranty and superior engineering and design. Putting extensive design, research, development and testing experience into our systems insure the delivery of exceptional, customized solutions. PHP will continue to set new standards with innovative product solutions and superior customer service.

PHP Systems/Design is America's leading source for roof pipe and equipment support systems. For over a decade we have been delivering quality assurance that our equipment, from rooftop piping and HVAC supports to walkways, platforms and crossovers, will stay securely in place. We provide a viable alternative to more "creative" solutions such as wooden sleepers, curbs and other varieties of inadequate methods. We are the original creators of Zero Penetrations support systems offering safety and reliability. Imitations are simply not backed by our expertise, research, development, scientific knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our systems are designed to last for years. We often return to our customers' sites years after we have completed a project to find everything looks just as it did when we installed our system.

Our "On-Your-Time" delivery philosophy will work with your schedule so you can stay focused on your larger goals and objectives.

What PHP Offers

Rely on PHP's dedicated design team help you with your next rooftop challenge, including:

(note - Seismic & High-Wind Applications are available for most installations.)